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AQNP have the equipment and expertise necessary to complete any industrial site Jet-Blasting. We are fully accredited to remove most forms of waste (liquid, solid, slurry…) on all scales.

All personnel working at any industrial site have completed confined space training and our professional Jet-Blasters have appropriate water blasting tickets.

AQNP is specialised in Jet-Blasting Pipes. Our equipment is strong and advanced in the market place, capable of cleaning pipe as small as 50mm in diameter and as large as 600mm in diameter.

AQNP utilises the latest equipment such as WOMA, Hammelmann and products on the market to ensure the highest possible standards are met and superior workmanship is delivered consistently.

The kind of water pressure we generate to un-block and clean pipes is between 200 to 1000 BAR. This kind of water pressure will usually clear out the kind of grease, sand, tree roots and even concrete that may be blocking your drain.



AQNP has technical advanced, self-contained vacuum loading equipment and trucks, helping to ensure the safety of both our clients and our own employees.

AQNP vacuum loading techniques include positive displacement and liquid ring vacuum pumps which are designed for efficient and safe removal of dusts, solids and liquid from confined spaces and pits.

These techniques and solutions benefit your organisation with the removal of debris and waste materials from bottom of lagoons, ponds and pits without taking surface material.



With highly experienced and equipped personnel AQNP can offer a myriad of general labour and maintenance services including but not limited to the following.

  • Demolition
  • Anode preparation
  • Cutting and racking cathodes
  • Cell audit
  • Replacing mist eliminators for cooling tower
  • Assembling / disassembling mist eliminators
  • Skip truck operation
  • Curtain change in cooling tower
  • Painting
  • High/low press filter cloths change, install metal head gears and new plates
  • Erect temporary fencing
  • Road sweeping
  • Purification pond liner removal
  • Scaffolding