QLD Head Office : 1800 958 177


AQNP’s mission statement incorporates the following key elements:

  • To consistently supply a service of the highest possible quality
  • Focusing our richest resources on expansion and growth
  • Maintaining our existing clients through our quality service and price
  • Constantly investing in the training and development of staff, equipment and company growth to ensure we deliver owners and investors with profit and return


At AQNP, we strive to maintain our position as market leader and keep abreast of the continually changing requirements of the ever evolving industry.


We achieve these objectives through the following

  • Development of our client base and the constant research of potential business leads
  • Exceeding expectations as far as product quality is concerned
  • Efficient use and management of all company resources and equipment
  • Maintaining a high level of staff quality, motivated by an environment that encourages and rewards contribution, responsibility, initiative and achievement
  • Adhere to OHS, Quality and Environmental management policies and systems that support and enhance the core business services we deliver

The contribution of all staff is vital to achieving these company goals.


Danny Lim

Chief Executive Officer